There are around 250 countries in the world and over 11 begin with the letter “A”.  It would be fabulous to study all 11, but this year we’re going to learn about two. I’m so tempted to do this again next year and fill in the gaps of all the countries we didn’t study, but for now, we’ll stick with our list of 40.

Austria is a country rich in history and a place I thoroughly enjoyed visiting years ago with some friends during a semester abroad. Because so much of Austrian culture involves music, that’s kind of our theme this week. Everyday while learning, there will be mozart playing in the background to give the kids a sense of Austrian music. Also, I added a weekly Bible verse this week and found an appropriate verse.

Sing for joy to God our strength;

Shout aloud to the God of Jacob!

Begin the music, strike the


play the melodious harp and


Psalm 81:1-2

Austrian Map

Our morning began with the spinning of the globe, leaving the US and flying to Austria.  Using stickers of musical notes instead of stars, we marked Vienna. Then, the kids had fun filling in Austria with the notes (their choice) . We found Austria on our wall map, too, squished in the middle of the many European nations.

Next, we colored the map of Austria…which definitely isn’t difficult. I found a bunch of print out maps from They’re great because they have an example of the map in color in the upper left corner of the page.


I love our wall map because it has all the flags of the world around it and we use this as a chance to find the flag that we’re studying. Tal found the Austrian flag right away and showed Addie.

finding the flag

Our activities were super quick today, so I came up with a fun game to reinforce our learning. At Cost Plus awhile back, I found those little flags from the first picture along with all the Western European flags. I dumped all the flags into a bucket and tried to see if the kids could find the Austrian flag among the others. This was quite easy for Tallinn, so Addie (3) went first and she did it!

That was it for today, about 30 minutes total! Tomorrow we’ll be jammin to some Austrian music and learning about instruments.


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